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I am staying in Raipur, Chattisgarh. My age is 38 years. I would like to know where can i get training for Medical Transcription in Raipur, Bhilai or Durg. I am B.Sc.Graduate. Or where can i get training in nearby place. Fee Structure and fortune by this Course.By Rajesh Dunna Raipur.


As per my knowledge and research there is no MT job in bhilai, durg and raipur and if there are any please don't join them because this is a kind of outsourced job so there are so many so called foreign return fraud are running their shops to give you medical transcription job.

In India if you are looking for a MT job then I would suggest you better join CBay Systems India Pvt Ltd. This is the well respected company providing real medical transcription job in India starting with an excellent training.

Once selected, you will have to do a six month stipend based medical transcription training from CBaySystems. All candidates who successfully complete the training program will be offered a position of a medical transcriptionist job by CBaySystems.

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