Don't Want To Join A Software Company...?


Sir I don't want to join any software company, I would like to join any core company, Please give me any suggestion?: By Lakhan Patnaik from RCET Bhilai.


Its a good decision that you know about your capabilities and decided firmly that you don't want to do this but you want to do this, means you have cleared your path.

Believe me in core sectors stability and job security both are there if you go in a right way towards it.

Very soon we are going to list all major core companies in this blog so that without wasting your time you can go through and deiced what and how to go ahead for those core companies.

As far as preparation is concerned for these companies just make sure that you are strong at aptitudes from R.S Agrawal and know basics of some technicals from your course like the summary from your books and also make sure you have done your project with Honesty.

We are also going to put all kind of technical interview questions for all the branches so just have patience and keep on asking questions here.