How Big NIIT Is?


niit is company or not?if yes how big it is?: By Sweta from RCET Bhilai.


NIIT started as a training institute and they have become the industry leaders for IT training.They have majorly 3 companies:

(1)NIIT Ltd: for training software and hardware, networking courses.
(2)NIIT Technologies Ltd:A software development firm of NIIT.
(3)NIIT SmartServe Ltd: A BPO company of NIIT.

So if you just ask me how big it is then I would say it is a very big company if you are looking to make a career in its training division i.e. in NIIT Ltd., here you may get starting salary as 14000/- per month with excellent incentives, career growth.

But if you are looking to make a career in software industry then NIIT's software division is not that big but they are working hard to make it like their training division.Same condition is there with NIIT's BPO also.

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