How To Pepare For TCS

How To Prepare For TCS Campus Recruitment

(1) A brief history of TCS:

Well, friends TCS(Tata Consultancy services) is one of the topmost software development and outsourcing company in India and abroad.It is owned by Mr.Ratan Tata a very well known and respected industrialist in India.

This company is part of Tata Group which has made name in energy, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, chemicals, engineering, materials, government and healthcare industries also.

TCS was established in the year 1968.

TCS has got the credit of setting up India's first software research and development center, the Tata Research Development and Design Center (TRDDC) in year 1981.

TCS became a publicly licensed in year 2004.

(2)Why should you think for joining TCS:

Friends this is my own openion but I have got a huge experience in IT Industry so I can suggest you that " you should join TCS because it is not only a brand name but also a company with very good training and excellent work culture.By these two things I mean to say that for a fresher a better training and a better atmosphere around him or her is very much required so that the level of pressure and stress can be handled easly which TCS has got with them, so I suggest joining TCS just because of these two reasons.

(3)TCS Interview pattern:

First round: Written Test.

Second Round: Technical Interview.

Third Round: HR Interview.

(4)How to prepare for First round:

This round of TCS interview majorly consists of aptitude questions, which can be easily prepared from R.S Agrawal Aptitude Questions book.It is very popular book for aptitude questions and answers for all types of examinations be it Bank PO, Railways or any exam wherin the company wants to check candidates mental ability and problem solving skils.

This is my personal request to all my dear freshers friends that please don't waste your time for any other book than above book because this is a very basic and pillar making book for aptitude preparation.Once you have completed this book then you can defenately go for other books like Barrons GRE.

This step by step way is surly going to help you because aptitude questions are not prepared these are the questions which can be solved easily if you have got a reasoning brain from birth,so for sopme people who are not having that sharp and analytical brain sometimes it becomes very diffilcult to solve these questions so its better to follow some better books and practice as we all know practice makes everyone perfect.

(5)How to prepare for second round:

Not only for TCS but also for any software company I have a very easy suggestion for all you people who find it very difficult to crack TCS technical round that please go through Let Us C By yashwant kanetkar and solve all it exercises like what is the output ? and find out the errors on these codes, and you are done.this is as simple is that.

apart from preparing above book you please also go through your resume and make sure you have all the answers for the things like the final year project and your technical skills you have mentioned in your resume, because all these software companies will give you training aftyer appointing you in their companies so they will never ask you very hard questions,so please go through whatever I have suggested to you and I am very much sure you cam clear technical interviews.

If you want to be very perfect in technical questions then you can also go ahead and buy BPB publications Interview prepation books on the subject you have mentioned in your resume,suppose you have mentioned that you know c,c++ in your resume then go ahead and buy Interview questions for c,c++ by BPB publication.

Please dont give pain to you apart from doing above things as you are a fresher, but yes if you are an experienced person then make sure that you are ready with all the questions and answers regarding your previous job and experiences.

(6)How to prepare for third round:

This is the most easiest round if you are true and little smart with questions like:

Tell me something about yourself?

What is your plan for the next five years?

What is your strength and weekness?

Your family background?

Why should we hire you?

why you are the best person for this job?

what you know about this company?

give us an example of your strength?

what are you doing to overcome your weekness?

questions from your resume like :

explain your project, tell us what you did in your vacational trainig etc,

what is your salary expectations?

what are your hobbies?

Friends these questions are very easy to answer just Google them and you have the variety of answers.

TCS aptitude papers are very easy to solve if you have thoroughly studied just the R S Agrawal but now i am going to show you how to study this book:

Do phase wise study:means in first phase just go through the whole book and solve only the questions you easily understood and leaving the tough ones.

repeat the same process for 3 rounds and just tick mark the tough questions and in each round try to solve the tough questions marked in previous phase.

I am very much sure if you follow these steps you will surly complete the whole book without the need of any faculty or friends.

Career options in TCS:

TCS has career options in following industries:

1. Banking & financial services.
2. Energy,resources & utilities.
3. Government.
4. Health care & life sciences.
5. High tech.
6. Insurance.
7. Manufacturing.
8. Media & information services.
9. Retail & consumer products.
10. Telecom.
11. Travel,transportation & hospitality.

friends as you can see TCS has spread almost all kind of industries so you can choose an industry which suits you and interests you.If someone asks you Hay, you are a mechanical engineer then why you want to join TCS then you can simply tell that Sir,By entering into TCS I can help industries belonging to my branch in more better ways,after saying this just give some examples from above industries which come into your branch,like if you are from mechanical branch then you can give some examples from travel,transportation & hospitality and manufacturing industry's projects developed by TCS.

All the very best for your career.