After B.E Higher Study is Necessary or Not ?

Question: After B.E Higher Study is Necessary or Not ? By Hitesh From RCET Bhilai.

Answer: It depends,Yes the more higher you study or get degrees the more better job options you find for you.But before deciding for this question you must think whether your parents will be able to support you or not both financially and mentally(their understanding with you).

If and if both of these things support you then only go for higher studies otherwise not(strictly not).Just think like having a B.E degree is also a big thing so why not just concentrate on getting a job on the basis of B.E and with that job start supporting parents,save some money do some part time courses and get higher degrees.

This way is indeed going to help you to improve your confidence.We all know once our confidence is on top nothing is impossible for us to achieve.
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